Ingenuity & Impact. These are the people and companies shaping the future of the automotive industry.

Autos2050 Award

The Autos2050® Driving Innovation Dinner will bring together leaders from within the auto industry, as well as those who influence and shape its future. As part of this annual event, The 2050 Awards will honor individuals or companies that have made game-changing contributions to the automotive industry over the previous year or have served as an influential leader in furthering its potential. Each recipient will receive a personalized "2050 Award" for proving themselves as catalysts for significant advancements in the industry by revolutionizing technologies and/or positively impacting society, the environment, or the economy.

Awards Program

Two awards provided for Ingenuity and Impact will be presented as special programming during our Driving Innovation Dinner.

Previous award winners include luminaries such as Mike Tzamaloukas (Harman) and Bryan Reimer (MIT AgeLab). Exclusive sponsorship for each award offered.

Award Categories


2050 Awards will go to nominees demonstrating exceptional creativity and uniqueness.

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2050 Awards will go to nominees demonstrating exceptional contributions to improvements in technologies, society, the environment, or the economy.

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Areas of consideration include

  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Design
  • Logistics/Supply Chain
  • Cyber Security
  • Safety
  • Environment
  • Technology
  • Drive Train
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Communications
  • Government Interface

Award Criteria

Each recipient is nominated by peers within the industry and selected by members of the Autos2050® Committee, which is comprised of representatives from stakeholder groups and industry experts and analysts. All judging is subjective and based on the expertise of the committee members, each of whom is deeply familiar with industry innovation and associated impacts.

The nominees will be judged on several key criteria, which will be taken into consideration across all 2050 Award submissions:


Difference to the industry and the world

Innovators must be able to identify unmet needs and solve real-world problems that will positively impact the world. We are seeking innovations that are conceived and delivered with a clear challenge, opportunity, and result. We’d like to understand how the opportunity was identified, evaluated, and quantified. Nominations should detail how the innovation has or will satisfy an existing need now and in the years to come as well as its impact on the industry, society, technology, the environment, or the economy. Any articulation or speculation regarding the innovation’s potential to serve as a platform or inspiration for further advancements will be valuable and relevant to the judges.


Conviction & impact

Leaders have the unique ability to articulate a clear vision and influence others to believe in—and act upon—that vision. We are seeking proven leaders who have taken on exceptional challenges and achieved success where others have failed. Our award winners will have served as change-agents for the good of the automotive industry and the consumers they serve. They will be thought leaders who can influence not only their peers but legislation, policy, investments, and processes. Nominations should include evidence and examples of how the nominee has demonstrated these characteristics, their specific achievements for the auto industry, and the impact they’ve made on advancing the goals of the auto industry.


Conception of opportunity and passion

Innovation is often born from a clear and bold vision of possibilities. We are looking for innovators who have conceived and delivered their ideas with a strong clarity of the challenge, opportunity, and intended positive impact. We’d like to understand how the nominee has identified, evaluated, and quantified their vision. It will be important to offer evidence on how the nominee overcame significant challenges to seeing the vision become reality. Materials and details that demonstrate how the vision was articulated to stakeholders in ways that were motivating or inspiring would be particularly valuable and relevant to the judges.


Differentiation and advantage

Creativity and ingenuity are hallmarks of leading innovators in any industry. We are seeking those who have identified opportunities others have missed, solved problems in all new ways, and demonstrated creativity of thought. Nominations should include evidence of how the innovation is differentiated from other solutions and its distinct advantages over alternatives. Details about the how a competitive advantage can be maintained for the short and long term will be important to understanding the continued relevance of the innovation for years to come.

Nominations for the Autos2050®Driving Innovation Dinner

Nominations for the 2022 Driving Innovation Dinner are now open! If you would like to nominate a company or individual that has made game-changing contributions to the automotive industry over the previous year or served as an influential leader in furthering its potential, we'd love to hear from you.

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